B&B BeWildert Essen

Apartment BeWildert

Welcome in BeWildert, our cozy apartment on the attic.

Why "BeWildert"? "Be" from bed, as the first part of B&B. You are staying with us because you are looking for a place to sleep. We offer you this and so much more. "Wildert" because we are located in Wildert, Essen. Our village is situated in the north of Antwerp, close to the Dutch border.

"BeWildert", derived from the English term bewildered, translated as stunned or amazed. This is the first reaction of our guests when they see the apartment. A beautiful open space that you don’t expect when you enter our house and where you feel immediately at home.

About us

After my education, which was mainly in Tourism, I lived in America, Asia and Africa. But as they say; there’s no place like home and after traveling the world I ended up again in my place of birth, Essen.

I am a Tourism teacher and during my holidays I still travel the world as a tour guide. We love staying at other people’s houses ourselves and we consider these contacts as very valuable. That’s why we decided to convert the attic into a cozy apartment where people feel welcome and at home. I love traveling, cycling, hiking, cooking, reading and enjoying nature in general. We have a cat, a white Canadian Shepherd, chickens and fish.